Hot Spot

From a study conducted by Chartbeat, it was found that most viewed area of a website is just above the fold at around 550px. This design attempts to make this "Hot Spot" area as engaging as possible.

Layer Cake

The technique of using a layer pattern (clear headings followed by text) allows users to bypass the F-Pattern of scanning. This section is designed in a "Layer Cake" pattern to allow for more productive scanning. Layer Cake



Bridging Users
and Interfaces

Building a bridge from the interface to the user.



User Testing Patience

In an effort to help streamline the recruiting phase of user testing, this project is a website built with the intentions of testing and recording the technical aptitude and patience level of more than one thousand internet users.
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UI/UX Design

Blue Nile Holiday Landing Page Re-design

Using a user centered approach to design, the holiday landing page for Valentine's Day 2015, was successfully re-designed for BlueNile.com a premier diamond and jewelry online retailer.
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Visual Design

Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority New Bus Route Promotional Posters

Visual design has a major impact on the success of any interface design. These posters were created in a vintage style with a modern twist.
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